The GuernseyTingle team was on hand for back-to-back fire station dedications in Chesterfield County, starting with Magnolia Green Station 25, followed by Midlothian Station 5 a week later.

Fire and EMS Station 25 Magnolia Green is a 15,000 square foot, 3-bay facility that serves over 22,000 Chesterfield residents, covering a response area of 69 square miles. Beautifully complementing the surrounding development, the facility also addresses all the requirements of a modern fire station design. It is the first station in Chesterfield designed with individual bunk rooms to accommodate a more diverse workforce.

Three apparatus bays give the department flexibility in meeting the community’s needs, and an open floor plan maximizes functionality. Modern systems, including advanced ventilation, ensure the health and safety of those who are working in the facility around the clock. The station was also designed to easily support future expansion should the need arise.

The state-of-the art Midlothian Fire Station 5 is a 3-bay 15,000 square foot facility serving more than 29,000 local residents. Next-generation systems and equipment keep personnel working there around the clock safe and comfortable. Like Fire Station 25, individual sleeping quarters better meet the needs of a diverse workforce and minimize “responder fatigue” for a department that responds to more than 50,000 calls annually.

Stewart Cooper Newell Architects acted as a valued project partner and consulting design architect to GuernseyTingle for both projects.




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