As a proud chosen representative of the William and Mary Raymond A. Mason School of Business, Stephanie’s role as an Executive Partner is to engage with students in the graduate and undergraduate business programs. Using skills developed in her roles as Architect, Project Manager, and now Vice-President with GuernseyTingle, she will help to coach students in real-world problem-solving, business development, and job acquisition skills.

The volunteer, four-year term position allows engagement not only with the students and staff at W&M, but also with the other 140 Executive Partners that are senior business executives from a variety of industries. Many of these Executive Partners have been involved with the program since its inception more than twenty years ago, and many continue to work with the school long past their initial four-year term.

Stephanie is excited to serve as both coach and mentor by participating in career panels, mock interviews, and team-building projects. She believes that William and Mary, and certainly the Raymond A. Mason School of Business are a great asset to the community and is looking to engage both in a meaningful way.

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