Davenport Office Building

Project Overview

  • Serves as the gateway building to New Town’s Discovery Business Park
  • Slipped-rectangle plan connects both entrances across a diagonal axis

Sometimes the best designs combine a classic approach with some creative problem-solving.

When approached for this project, GuernseyTingle knew it would take more than a typical office building to meet the client’s needs. Located in the heart of New Town, the project called for unique solutions at this central location of a new urban mixed-used development.

GuernseyTingle developed a classically monumental approach for this prominent site, while also solving some intrinsic challenges to this peculiar location. The columned, two story entrance faces the diagonal of the intersection, and the client desired a circular drop-off on the opposite side facing the parking lot. To achieve this goal, we successfully manipulated the building into a slipped-rectangle plan that could connect both entrances across a diagonal axis.

The monumental entrance provides a third floor balcony above the columns, while the more intimate parking entrance has a matching balcony at the second floor level. The combination of architectural details in traditional cast-stone accents and thermally efficient windows providing ample amounts of natural light make this a true class A office condominium.

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