Project Overview

  • Update of the original Bray restaurant space
  • Features stunning views of the resort grounds and James River
  • Transformed into an open upscale space
  • Seats approximately 150 people

Transformed from an outdated restaurant to an upscale resort space, Elements 1010 serves as visible proof of Guernsey Tingle’s interior design prowess.

Elements 1010 began life as The Bray Restaurant, part of the original 1980 plans for the Kingsmill Resort and Conference Center.  The client wanted to revitalize the space to make it more appealing to guests and showcase the stunning views of the rolling landscaped grounds and the James River beyond. The existing beautifully stained cherry wood columns and trim provided the perfect palette for a redesign that would highlight both the wood and the views.

The first things to be removed were the raised floor and bar area and an over-bearing fireplace that had previously hidden the entry to the restaurant. Their removal instantly changed the character of the space — what was once a dark, insular cove was now a vast and energetic place. The existing paneled wood wall was removed and the bar was relocated further back into the large seating area, creating an unconstrained line of sight straight through the lobby to the river. The back bar was styled as a chimney, allowing for easy implementation of a new stone pizza oven to make tapas style entrees and hors d’oeuvres.  The tiled chimney lends character and soul to the space, while keeping it grounded and welcoming.

The main seating area is defined by the new bar on its left and the Southhall Room on the right.  The existing cherry trim inspired the new finish selections. During the active summer months and holidays  the Southhall room is used for overflow seating. The once dark and dated Bray Restaurant was transformed into an open upscale space that urges guests to come, sit down, and take in all that Kingsmill Resort has to offer.


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