Ford’s Colony Residence

Project Overview

  • Original home designed by GuernseyTingle in 1992
  • Additions included a 2,400 square foot garage
  • Renovations were conducted throughout the interior

When homes changes ownership, sometimes GuernseyTingle is called upon to renovate our own original designs.

Originally designed in 1992 by GuernseyTingle, this 8,000 square foot, 4 bedroom, 8 bath custom home was due for upgrades when new owners purchased the property in 2014.

GuernseyTingle was tasked with the addition of a 2,400 square foot garage that would complement the cedar shake and shingle roofed home. The original home was designed to give the appearance of a cottage in the woods, and the new garage needed to align in style–while incorporating an office, bathroom, and wood shop.

Additionally, the garage would need to accommodate the needs of the new owner. With the needs of the avid car collector and restorer in mind, the garage not only had room for four cars, but it also includes a car lift.

Inside, GuernseyTingle’s careful study of the existing home and consultation with the homeowner led to a plan that maintained the home’s architectural detailing while interior finishes were updated to better suit their taste.

Interior updates included new casework for the kitchen, pantry, office, and living room. The two his and hers master bathrooms were renovated from top to bottom with new tile, paint, and updated casework. A full basement renovation included creating a gentlemen’s office, complete with reading room. A new window was also added at the exterior wall to take full advantage of the spectacular golf course view.


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