Hampton Coliseum Central Design Guidelines

Project Overview

  • The Coliseum Central Region encompasses over 1,900 acres.
  • The Design Guidelines will help guide the physical appearance of future development in the area.

GuernseyTingle takes a holistic approach by encouraging collaboration between stakeholders and municipal government in future planning documents.

The Coliseum Central region, located in Hampton, Virginia, encompasses over 1,900 acres of retail, entertainment, dining, residential communities, and amenities, and is comprised of over 650 Hampton businesses and private properties. The Coliseum Central Business Improvement District (CCBID) was formed in 1996 to establish and maintain Coliseum Central as a major commercial center. As the area continues to evolve, infill and redevelopment are common, and the BID wanted to see a more consistent quality in the development. The City of Hampton teamed with Coliseum Central to fund the development of design guidelines for both private property development (funded by Coliseum Central) and public streetscapes (funded by the City of Hampton). Developed through a series of several workshops with the City and the BID Physical Improvements Committee, these initiatives will help guide the physical appearance of future development in the CCBID, provide a more consistent character, and help address pedestrian safety and security.

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