Hart Farmhouse Restoration

Project Overview

  • Research and selective demo drive this exterior renovation

GuernseyTingle’s thorough research and careful demolition help bring history to life.

Built in 1858, the Hart Farmhouse is located within the Pamplin Historical Park. The site of multiple Civil War battles, the Hart farm is best known as theĀ initial battleĀ that began Lee’s retreat and ultimate surrender at Appomattox. Steeped in history, the owner asked GuernseyTingle to help determine how much of the house was original and how much has changed since that final battle in 1865.

Via careful research and selective demolition, significant discoveries resulted in exterior restoration that returned the house to its original appearance. The dramatic restoration, along with the demolition of later period structures adjacent to the farmhouse, returned this area of Pamplin Historical Park to a state much closer to its appearance in 1865.

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