Indian Springs Residence Addition

Project Overview

  • Adaption of this home will allow for aging-in-place with single-level living.
  • Renovation and addition have been carefully designed to preserve the neighborhood’s existing, historic character.
  • GuernseyTingle employed their understanding of the Board of Zoning Appeals and the City’s Architectural Review Boards’ requirements to achieve its clients’ redesign goals.

People evolve. Your home can evolve with you.  GuernseyTingle can reinvent your home to be congruent with that evolution.

GuernseyTingle previously designed an extensive addition and complete remodel for this 1-1/2 story 1940’s Cape Cod in 2004. In 2017, the new homeowner engaged our services to design a first-floor master suite addition and new walk-out terrace area to better accommodate aging-in-place.  We also evaluated where a new freestanding two-car garage would best fit on the site.

Design challenges included locating the addition to preserve the layout of the existing house, which necessitated applying for and receiving a variance from the Board of Zoning Appeals in order to best locate the addition, which involved matching the existing home’s setbacks, which were in place long before the zoning ordinance existed.  Additionally, the large 750 SF addition has been massed so that it does not overpower the modest scale of the existing house and the character of its neighboring homes.


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