The Corner Pocket

Project Overview

  • 14,800 sq. ft. mixed-use building in the heart of New Town
  • First Award, Hampton Roads Association of Commercial Real Estate, Best Recreational/Entertainment Category
  • First Award, Billiards Digest Magazine, “Ten Best Billiards Clubs in America”
  • First Award, Billiards Digest Magazine “Annual Architecture and Design Awards

With the help of GuernseyTingle, no guidelines are too demanding to transform an ambitious proposal into an award-winning solution.

River City Associates engaged GuernseyTingle to design a restaurant and office space that would fit within the demanding guidelines of New Town, an emerging business district in Williamsburg. The result is a 14,800 sq. ft. New Orleans-style building with office space opening onto balconies on the second floor and a billiard parlor with a restaurant on the first. To further carry out the Big Easy inspiration, the space was designed with a vision of bands playing on the balcony above with outdoor seating below.

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