1. 1983

    The Beginning

    Our firm was founded on November 22, 1983, as Magoon/Guernsey Architects, with the goal of honoring the classic architecture styles of the area while providing custom design to create a functional and unique sense of place. Thomas G. Tingle joined the firm just 4 months after it was formed.

  2. 1984

    Chesapeake Bank

    In 1984, the firm completed their first project with Chesapeake Bank, marking the beginning of one of GuernseyTingle’s long lasting relationships that is still flourishing today. This building serves as the bank's headquarters and is located in Kilmarnock, Virginia.

  3. 1986

    Tom Tingle

    In 1986, Tom Tingle becomes a principal at Magoon/ Guernsey Architects. Tom had befriended Magoon and Guernsey while working at an externship in Williamsburg during his undergraduate education at Virginia Tech. He brought his mid-Atlantic commercial, governmental, and multi-family residential project expertise to the firm.

  4. 1986

    Atrium Building

    In 1986, Magoon Guernsey Architects designed this luxury office space, a first for the Williamsburg area. The unique design grew in response to the project’s curved triangular site. The interior design complimented the hard-edged exterior and skylit atrium core. In the same year, the project received the award for Excellence in Design from the Hampton Roads AIA chapter for sophisticated geometric order and memorable exterior.

  5. 1989

    A New Name

    The firm changed its name to GuernseyTingle Architects following the departure of Robert Magoon in 1989. Despite the name change, the partners state that the company will stay as the design-centered firm that has been serving the community over the past several years.

  6. 1993

    Gaining Momentum

    After a decade in business, GuernseyTingle had evolved from their custom residential builds to include new commercial projects and greater community involvement. The firm’s growing relationships with clients and contractors allowed them to take on the challenge of renovating the historic Williamsburg train station in 1993, originally built in 1935. The facility was transformed into a welcoming gateway for travelers while preserving its history.

  7. 1996

    Design-Build Origins

    GuernseyTingle worked alongside trusted contractor partner Henderson, Inc. to develop an alternate and more collaborative approach to successfully deliver projects. This process allows for owners to know costs upfront and to have intimate knowledge of the project, the team, and the decisions made along the way.

  8. 1997

    Colonial Veterinary Clinic

    This veterinary clinic was developed in direct response to the owner’s desire to create an efficient new facility that also projected a welcoming image to their clients – people and pets. GuernseyTingle was able to deliver on these goals and create a comfortable space to provide quality animal care.

  9. 2000

    Hitting Our Stride

    Approaching 20 years in business, GuernseyTingle grew from a team of four to eighteen and expanded their design work into commercial, recreational, and civic projects. While the firm has expanded their scope and ability to tackle larger projects, close relationships with clients are still the main priority, ensuring their satisfaction at every step of the way.

  10. 2000

    Waller Mill Park

    In 2000, Guernsey Tingle Architects provided a design for the Waller Mill Park operations center to accommodate the over 94,000 annual visitors. The new design addressed the needs of a larger year-round staff, added a more cohesive arrangement of vending and information areas, and allowed for better views of the park property.

  11. 2003

    The Corner Pocket

    The Corner Pocket was the first building to open in James City County's new mixed-use commercial, civic, and residential center, New Town. The restaurant marked the beginning of the complex which now is home to hundreds of businesses and homes, including GuernseyTingle’s Design Center office. This iconic design won First Award in Billiards Digest Magazine “Ten Best New Billiards Clubs in America” in 2004.

  12. 2008

    Williamsburg Outlets

    This long-term project started in 1989 and in one of its final phases GuernseyTingle designed a space of three retail buildings. The project is unique because of its utilization of sustainable materials and methods such as reflective roofing, high efficiency heating and cooling units, and reduced water usage. At completion, it represented the largest application of pervious concrete, and one of the first LEED-certified retail centers in the United States.

  13. 2010

    The Next Level

    After nearly 30 years in business, GuernseyTingle emerged from the financial downturn stronger than ever after beginning to pursue work in a wider variety of service areas including recreation, municipal and state government, and animal care facilities. Our strong local reputation built on word-of-mouth allowed GuernseyTingle to cultivate long-term relationships with clients, contractors, and consultants. Additionally, the firm’s commitment to hiring young talent and promoting their growth through mentorship allowed the company to grow in size and strength.

  14. 2010

    Henrico Theatre

    Henrico Theater is a historic landmark, originally built in 1938. The goal of this 2010 project was to preserve the character of this art deco movie theater and transform it into a multi-use arts facility to be used by Henrico County. Over the course of 10 years, GuernseyTingle was able to restore this iconic building and won the Award of Excellence from the Virginia Society AIA in Design Excellence in Historic Preservation in 2009.

  15. 2014


    GuernseyTingle began its first of many projects for SeaWorld Entertainment by designing and theming small retail and amenity facilities at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Since then, GuernseyTingle has worked with Busch Gardens Williamsburg on over 50 projects including the InvadR coaster, DarKoaster, Marco Polo restaurant, Bergermeister's Hideaway, and other theming around the park.

  16. 2014

    Tomb of Remembrance

    The Tomb of Remembrance project came as a result of a mandate from Congress to provide a final resting place for the cremated partial and un- claimed remains of soldiers who died in the line of duty. The design of this tomb is meant to create a place in the landscape, without obstructing the sea of grave markers which will surround it.

  17. 2018

    Rivanna Station

    GuernseyTingle led a design charrette for the two existing buildings and sites for potential additions at Rivanna Station and helped to secure funding for its construction. This project included the expansion of office workstations and specialty laboratories for the facility.

  18. 2019


    GuernseyTingle began its partnership with CHUKKA Caribbean Adventures which has grown into over 20 projects so far. Through the variety of projects, GuernseyTingle has developed plans for attractions, lounge areas, nature trails, themed signage, and more while preserving the rich culture of the area through unique theming.

  19. 2020

    The Commitment Forward

    In 2020, GuernseyTingle established a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) board in order establish a direction for the future of the firm when it comes to these important topics. Additionally, this year marked the first time the firm has had a majority of leadership positions filled by women.

  20. 2022

    Hampton Virginia Aquaplex

    This aquatics center was built for the city of Hampton in order meet the local and regional competitive swimming and diving needs. The complex most notably includes an indoor competition pool with spectator seating and an outdoor splash park designed to enrich the community’s aquatic programs.

  21. 2022

    Williamsburg Fire Station

    GuernseyTingle served as design lead for a PPEA contract for the new 31,000 SF Williamsburg Fire Station, a state-of-the-art facility that combines the functions of the fire station, fire administration, and the emergency operations center for the City of Williamsburg. The new Fire Station will provide facilities that reflect the Department’s high performance, capture Williamsburg’s unique character, and contribute to citizen safety for decades to come.

  22. 2023

    Williamsburg Landing

    Anchor Cove represents the first major expansion of the Williamsburg Landing campus since the 1990’s. This independent Life Plan community is home to over 500 residents, and will expand with new Terrace Homes, four-story Villa Homes, and a Community Center with theater and art studio that will become the cultural heartbeat for the entire community.

  23. 2023


    GuernseyTingle is now celebrating four decades of unwavering commitment, innovation, and exceptional design that have shaped us into the leading architectural firm we are today. As our firm continues to grow, we reflect on our journey and express our gratitude to the Five C’s – our clients, contractors, consultants, colleagues, and community – who have been instrumental in our success.