Animal Care

What is special about an animal care facility? Whether it’s a private veterinary practice or a large municipal shelter, the goal is to provide appropriate space for healthy care in a clean, inviting area that appeals not just to humans, but pets as well.

The ideal veterinary facility is durable, easily maintained and logically arranged. Its layout promotes efficiency, enhancing the experience of visiting clients and staff. Finish materials are selected in each area based on this concept, and the floor plan is arranged to allow for property security and sanitation. Animal holding and boarding areas need to be designed to allow for comfort of the occupants and create easy access to functions such as grooming, feeding, play areas and treatment.

GuernseyTingle has worked on many animal care projects over the years, which has given us a unique view into how these structures are designed. We listen closely to management’s vision in order to uncover the facility’s needs, styles and methods of operation. Once these guidelines have been established we build a design team to deliver a project that exceeds expectations.

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