Custom Homes

Home is the nicest word there is.”

-Laura Ingalls Wilder

When people say that your home is the largest investment most of us will make in our lives, they are referring to the financial investment. While that is true, GuernseyTingle also understands that the design of a custom home also represents a huge emotional investment as well. Your personal tastes, your sense of style, your lifestyle, your family values, or even a lifetime collection of wonderful art and furnishings will matter as much as the bricks and framing that form the physical shelter of your new home. Not only will it take a competent designer who can put together those building documents for the contractor, it will take a sensitive partner who can help guide you through the journey to put together the realization of your own dreams and aspirations.

Or as Mr. Plumbeam says in The Big Orange Spot, “My house is me, and I am it. My house is where I want to be and it looks like all my dreams.” We should all have a home that inspires such sentiment.

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