The interior of your project is just as critical as its exterior design, which is why we use a team approach.

Interior design decisions can be very personal. We get that. We’re approachable and here to listen. We’ll help you identify your interior design needs and show how our expertise in the latest concepts, materials and construction will bring your vision to reality.

If you’re looking for a supportive design that will enhance your overall project, we can give you a holistic style that incorporates the architect’s talents and delivers a result that perfectly matches form and function.

Our team can also provide independent design services that may not need an architect’s vision, but which includes everything from space planning, furniture selection, and site supervision on projects as small as a living room to as large as a multi-floored office.

The GuernseyTingle interior design team has a reputation for innovative ideas and creative solutions that go beyond the norm, and fit within the client’s budget.

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