Multi-Family Residential

There are two vital parts to building a successful multi-family project: one, the design dovetails with the owner’s vision, creating a structure that will be an appealing neighborhood landmark; two, each unit needs to feel like a functional, inviting home.

GuernseyTingle has experience in many multi-family dwellings, from duplexes and townhomes to multi-story condominiums, student housing and timeshare developments. Here is an outline of our design process:

–Meet to discuss the scope of the project, the desired number of units and review of the property.

–We can provide initial planning services to assess the feasibility of the project and create a master plan.

–Develop a schematic design showing floor plans and exterior features.

–Once this is approved, we enter the design development phase, bringing in our consultants to work out the details of plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems. We also coordinate the design with the site engineer.

With completed construction documents, we can assist with the contractor bidding and negotiation process, as well as work with local officials to secure building permits. If the owner desires GuernseyTingle can provide full construction administration services, ensuring the project is completed as planned, on time and within budget.

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