Recreation & Entertainment

What we do for fun is just as important as what we do for work. At GuernseyTingle, we understand the significance of those spaces where we go to relax, have fun, gather or be active.

Our experience shows that every recreation and entertainment project is unique and individual to a client’s needs. The perfect clubhouse for one community wouldn’t necessarily work for another, just as a fitness center designed for children will be very different than one created for seniors. Also, some projects need to blend into an existing development while others are stand-alone structures that must fit into a larger community.

Themed entertainment is another specialty of GuernseyTingle. Working within your budget we will design an interesting and profitable center that will become a landmark. To create these immersive experiences, we work closely with our clients to create entirely new worlds they never imagined. Our projects strive not only to get the job done but to enhance, entertain, and play with the imagination.

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