GuernseyTingle’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee recently sponsored a discussion with Steve Prince, Director of Engagement and Artist in Residence at the Muscarelle Museum of Art. With most of the GuernseyTingle team in attendance, Prince’s presentation focused on his role at the Museum as a teacher and artist.

Prince has started several impactful programs at the Museum to take art beyond the museum walls by working alongside service-based organizations, schools, detention centers and other community groups. These engagement efforts are just as much about emphasizing the community’s interconnectedness as they are about art.

The Museum is also expanding its permanent collection by including more diverse artists. The importance of bringing different voices to the museum was evident by the Shared Ideologies exhibition in the gallery room where the presentation took place. The exhibition, highlighting Native American artists, gives patrons the “opportunity to engage in a sociopolitical dialogue about the space between history and memory.”

The latter part of Prince’s presentation focused more on his personal works. He beautifully told stories both visually and orally that connected the GuernseyTingle team to each piece. All of his artwork is layered in authenticity, emotion, vulnerability and detail. It unapologetically tells stories that to some are hard to hear and to others provides validation. Team members were left in awe from the experience.

Setting the bar high for future DEI events, Prince then joined team members in the GuernseyTingle office for an informal discussion that reinforced the impact of the presentation. GuernseyTingle is looking forward to continuing the relationship between Prince and the Muscarelle.

To learn more, visit the Muscarelle Museum of Art website.

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