April 25, 2013
Frances Hubbard

King & Queen – Officials are hopeful that the arrival of Fulcrum Concepts – a small defense contracting firm – is just the beginning of future business opportunities in King and Queen County and the Middle Peninsula region.

“Who would have thought we would have ever had a facility like this in King and Queen County, ” Delegate Keith Hodges said at Thursday’s ribbon cutting ceremony. “Having a company like Fulcrum Concepts is the first step to many more businesses to come and a brighter future for the entire region.”

Fulcrum Concepts provides professional services to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement agencies, including aircraft integration of special weaponry and avionics as well as maintenance operations. It’s a veteran-owned business whose employees are former special operations soldiers.

Fulcrum officially opened its training facility, located next to the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport in Mattaponi, off Route 33 on April 25, recognizing all those who contributed to the completion of the building.

On that list was GuernseyTingle, the designers of the futuristic building, which consists of 6,600 square feet of office space and a 6,400 square-foot aircraft hangar.

The office area also houses classrooms and a conference room, as well as engineering and other support functions for the aircraft hangar.

The facility is designed with modern, open, angular floor plans with abundant glass walls and doors.

Governor Bob McDonnell announced in January of 2012 that Fulcrum Concepts would be bringing possibly 31 new jobs to the King and Queen and investing $4.6 million in the new operation.

Last September, Lt. Governor Bill Bolling spoke at the groundbreaking of the facility, praising the veteran-owned company for its wise choice in King and Queen and providing jobs to the country’s returning soldiers.

Construction on the project began in November 2012.

Fulcrum Concepts CEO Stan Wood spoke Thursday prior to the symbolic cutting of the ribbon, thanking the over 32 companies and 150 personnel that participated in the facility’s construction.

Wood also said that the company felt like it has begun a partnership with the county and would make a positive contribution to increasing business in the area.

“Since the first day we contracted with the airport.through this very day, we’ve felt as though we’ve been very welcomed in to the county and the state as well as the airport,” Wood said. We’re looking forward to ..building a future here.”

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