November 11, 2013
James Needham

Yellow caution tape has been placed around one of the entrances to Patrick Henry Inn in Williamsburg, indicating that area of the hotel may soon be demolished to make way for three new timeshares.

City planning documents show Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited Inc., which owns Patrick Henry, is looking to eventually demolish the entire building and design a replacement for the Inn: a trio of three-story timeshare buildings. The timeshares, totaling 68 units and 70,000 square feet, would replace the buildings on the west side of the property but leave the existing Liberty Inn and sales building standing.

The documents say design firm GuernseyTingle submitted preliminary plans for the buildings that would be located at 315 York St. in the City of Williamsburg. The construction would come in three phases with the first bringing a building with a large lobby and indoor pool to the front of the property.

The plans use space on the east side of the structure that is now parking space to stretch the floor plan closer to the existing sales center. The next two phases would put 27- and 15-unit buildings behind the first.

The construction materials specified are familiar for buildings within the city limits: brick and wood. At the Nov. 12 Architectural Review Board meeting, officials will discuss the submitted plans.

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