The way Rasheda Tripp, AIA, sees it, architecture is not just about the bricks used to construct a building. Architecture has much deeper implications.

Tripp, an architect at GuernseyTingle, explored those implications and much more in a recent feature story for Inform Magazine. Published by AIA Virginia, Inform Magazine seeks to celebrate the diverse individuals and groups that shape the Commonwealth’s storied culture of architecture and design.

In an interview with writer William Richards, Tripp offered her perspective on why justice is a necessary design ethic. For justice to occur, Tripp suggested, there must be an ideal that is backed by action.

The University of Virginia and Washington University graduate explained that justice requires offering up “big ideas” over “precise suggestions” that can get lost in the noise, and the key is to follow up the idea with “effective effort.”

Looking ahead, Tripp encouraged the next generation of architects to understand how closely architecture is connected to “shaping the human experience on every level.”

“We need to see the built environment as a political place that reflects individuals in power and a place where the collective will of those who have taken action sets the rules for everyone else,” said Tripp. “But, we have to be the ones to be willful. We have to be the ones who take action.”

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