The Virginia Gazette

Williamsburg was recognized for using modern technology to help its residents interact with local government and to mange the workings of the city, according to a news release.

The Center for Digital Government, which judged cities from all over the country, split cities by their population. In the under 75,000 group, Williamsburg finished third behind Shawnee, Kan., and Tamarac, Fla.

“Our inclusion on this prestigious list for the fourth year in a row is a testament to a supportive City Council, citizenry and an engaged staff,” said Mark Barham, Williamsburg director of information technology. “To be ranked 3rd in the nation, especially given the size of our community, demonstrates our commitment to using technology throughout the organization and City in a thoughtful and effective manner.”

The city’s recent upgrades to its website and financial system were both recognized as commendable work, as was the efficiency of the city’s technology given its IT team, which has just three members.

“This year’s top digital cities are using technology to ensure citizens can meaningfully interact with city government more easily than any other time in history,” said Todd Sander, executive director of the Center for Digital Government. “From open data portals to enhanced connectivity and mobile platforms, this year’s top-ranked cities are actively promoting transparency, encouraging citizen participation and making it easier for people to do business with government.

Two other Virginian cities won in their respective categories: Virginia Beach, for cities with between 250,000 and 499,999 residents, and Roanoke, for cities with between 75,000 and 124,999 people.


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