Rivanna Station

Project Overview

  • Facilitated a week-long charrette for Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District
  • Met with key stakeholders in affected program activities
  • Produced two solutions evaluating viability and cost differences

By organizing a charrette, we were able to deliver the reports necessary for our client to pursue funding for their project.

GuernseyTingle was brought to the table by the Corps of Engineers Norfolk District to facilitate a week-long charrette. The goal of the meeting was to validate and update the program assumptions from previous planning efforts for a secure administration facility at Rivanna Station.

Our team met with representatives from each program activity that would be accommodated in the new facility to develop detailed requirements. We also wanted to produce “test fits” for each space so that we could be sure that adequate space and adjacency issues would be recognized.

GuernseyTingle was asked to produce two solutions—additions to two existing buildings in order to evaluate viability and cost differences for each option. Civil, PM&E, structural, and communications engineers participated throughout the process and cost engineers validated costs for each scheme. The end product was a charrette report and support for the development of the 1391 so that the activity could pursue funding for the project. The client provided feedback to our team that it was the most effective charrette that they had ever attended.

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