Five Pillars of Success Built on Collaboration

GuernseyTingle is a great place to work. Our organic culture has evolved over nearly four decades and promotes a truly collaborative, hardworking, and family-oriented atmosphere.

What does that mean for clients?

This way of doing business strengthens our overall vision and relationships with the five pillars of our success – Clients, Contractors, Consultants, Colleagues, and Community. Internally, we often talk about these “five C’s.” But these are more than just letters or everyday words. They influence our culture.

Evolution of The GuernseyTingle Way

Truly embracing the challenge of a transparent culture through a clearly defined vision is a journey that GuernseyTingle started in the mid 2000’s. It began with a look inward, exploring why we chose to become architects and the positive impacts our profession has on the world around us. By stripping the conversation down to the basics, it allowed us to see the origins of our culture in its simplest form. 

From there, we looked ahead, determining our vision for the future of GuernseyTingle. This was coupled by a concerted effort to create and clearly define a values-based culture as a pathway to achieve this vision for the firm. 

Positioning for the Future

Fast forward to present day, our culture is not only woven into every aspect of the work we do serving clients, but it is utilized in recruiting, retention, and strategic planning. Even so, a true values-based culture is always evolving, and our team enjoys the ongoing work of ensuring the culture is clearly defined and openly embraced by everyone.

Through our longstanding commitment to GuernseyTingle’s culture, we aspire to honor the work we do through creativity, forge personal relationship through collaboration, and develop the business acumen that is unique to architecture.