Erika Quarles

Erika Quarles

Architectural Designer

“The idea to revive a structure or to re-purpose a place that held symbolic meaning to a community, giving them the chance to continue using the space, is a passion of mine.”

Erika joined the GuernseyTingle family in 2021 and is currently preparing for the Architect Registration Examination (ARE).

Her passion for architecture first began in middle school, where she participated in an advanced studies program in her hometown of Virginia Beach. After dabbling with architecture for about a month, Erika’s interest would later blossom in high school and college.

Erika earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech where her interest piqued in historic restoration, residential and community projects. She finds the design portion of architecture especially enjoyable, working together as team to overcome challenges and adjusting layouts to not only meet but exceed client expectations.

She currently resides in Chester, Virginia and enjoys arts and crafts such as painting, drawing and sewing, and she proudly decorates her home with her work. An avid video gamer, Erika is fond of simulation games that further fuel her love of design.


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