Jacob Barton

Jacob Barton

Architectural Designer

“I’ve always enjoyed art. To me, architecture is a type of art that everyone can experience simply by getting out in the world and living life. As an architect, I like the idea that I can design and give someone their own piece of the world to enjoy.”

University of Virginia graduate Jacob embraced his love of history during his college years, earning both a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Bachelor of Architectural History. He joined the GuernseyTingle team in 2023.

While at UVA, Jacob served as a Fabrication Lab Research Assistant for several years, helping users with projects relating to architectural model making, furniture design and more, while also leveraging the role to further pursue his own personal passions in architecture.

Jacob studied the art and architecture of Northern and Southern Europe, the Mediterranean, India and the Islamic world, inspiring him to complete Arabic language classes at both UVA and UCLA.

Earlier Jacob put his love of history to work as a young student in grade school and high school, serving as a member of the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums for more than seven years.

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