Fulcrum Concepts

Project Overview

  • 6,600 square feet of office space
  • Includes glass partitions and hanging ceiling “clouds”
  • 6,400 square foot Aircraft hangar

Delivering both the practical and the whimsical, GuernseyTingle provided the right mix for a new headquarters.

Fulcrum Concepts’ new headquarters building in King and Queen County consists of 6,600 square feet of office space and a 6,400 square foot adjacent aircraft hangar, which is part of the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport.

The office area stands in contrast to the utilitarian nature of the hangar and is composed of intriguing, playful spaces for classrooms, engineering and other support functions. Glass partitions and hanging ceiling “clouds” provide a larger feel to the space and create sub-spaces within the larger rooms.

A veteran-owned business, the company’s team of former Special Operations soldiers provides professional services to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement agencies, including aircraft integration of special weaponry and avionics, as well as maintenance operations.

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