Life Church

Project Overview

  • 700 seat sanctuary with flexible additional seating
  • Radial plan accommodates classrooms and offices

Flexible design can accommodate a church’s needs today and tomorrow.

GuernseyTingle partnered with Life Church (formerly known as Christian Life Center) to develop a master plan, focused on making the best use of their natural woodlands surrounded by lower-lying swampland. Life Church’s desire and vision to serve the surrounding community, becoming a resource and training center for the development of new ministries, guided the design and function of the new facility.

The project called for a space that includes a 700-seat sanctuary with the flexibility to almost double in size by adding 500 more seats as needed. The facility also includes classrooms, offices, and multipurpose spaces for the congregation.

The radial plan both facilitates interaction in the sanctuary and ultimately organizes future portions of the building. Accented by skylights, a two-story “main street” serves as a main corridor between the different spaces and promotes interaction between users of the facility.


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